Don’t miss out the great adventure experience you can get at Enduro Riding Sibiu. Tours are guided by enduro rider champion, Rienk Tuinstra, who is the greatest guide you can have.

Sibiu, Romania

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Enduro Riding Rienk Tuinstra
The creator of Enduro Riding Sibiu
Ride with Enduro Riding Champion Rienk Tuinstra

Rienk moved from Netherlands to Romania more than 15 years ago and lives with his wife and their 2 kids in the beautiful town of Sibiu

He likes to compete but more than that he just loves to ride his enduro motorcycle around the most beautiful landscapes in the whole wide world.

With his great experience in enduro racing and being involved in organizing the biggest enduro races in the world, he is a perfect guide for enduro tours.

Rienk speaks fluently Romanian, English, German and off course Dutch.


#1 Place

Hard Enduro Competition Sibiu 2021

#2 Place

Hard Enduro Transylvania Arena Cup 2021

#1 Place

Hard Enduro Competition Sibiu 2020

#15 Place

Redbull Romaniacs Gold 2019

#11 Place

Red Bull Romaniacs Pro 2017

#34 Place

Erzberg Rodeo 2015

#16 Place

Redbull Romaniacs Gold 2015

#18 Place

Red Bull Sea to Sky 2014

#11 Place

Red Bull Romaniacs Pro 2014

#11 Place

Red Bull Sea to Sky 2013

#10 Place

Red Bull Sea to Sky 2012

#10 Place

Red Bull Romaniacs Pro 2012

Our vast background and experience in enduro competitions make us well prepared for a contest like Redbull Romaniacs. We can offer more than a latest generation enduro bike. Don't hesitate and book your bike now!
Track manager

Red Bull Minas Riders


Red Bull Romaniacs


Red Bull Romaniacs


Red Bull Romaniacs

Working as track managers for different races makes us one of the best guides for your enduro adventure. Book your tour now!