Enduro Riding Sibiu was created by Rienk Tuinstra, an enduro lover from Holland who lives for more than 10 years in Romania with his Romanian wife and their 2 kids.

Some things Rienk achieved in the last few years:
# 2009 Red Bull Romaniacs trackmanager
# 2010 Red Bull Romaniacs trackmanager
# 2011 Red Bull Romaniacs trackmanager
# 2012 -10th place Red Bull Romaniacs Pro class
# 2012 -10th place Red Bull Sea to Sky
# 2013 – 11th place Red Bull Sea to Sky
# 2014 -11th place Red Bull Romaniacs Pro class
# 2014 – 18th place Red Bull Sea to Sky
# 2015 – 34th place Erzberg Rodeo
# 2015 -16th place Redbull Romaniacs Gold class
# 2016 –Red Bull Minas Riders Trackmanager
# 2017 – 11th place Red Bull Romaniacs Pro class
# 2019– 67th place Erzberg Rodeo
#2019-15th place Redbull Romaniacs Gold

#2020 - 1st place HECS Hard Enduro Competition Sibiu

#2021 - 2nd place Cupa Hard Enduro Transylvania Arena

#2021 - 1st place HECS Hard Enduro Competition Sibiu

Rienk has also won many Romanian enduro races.

Rienk likes to compete but more than this he just loves to ride his enduro motorcycle around the most beautiful landscapes in the whole wide world.
Whit his great experience in enduro racing and being involved in organizing the biggest enduro races in the world, he is the perfect guide for you.
Rienk speaks fluently Romanian, English, German and off course Dutch.