Invented for the lovers of enduro riding.

Enduro Riding Sibiu takes your breath away while riding through the carpatian landscape of Romania.
Enduro Riding Sibiu is operating around the town of Sibiu.

Sibiu is well known by enduro riders and lovers all over the world by being the headquarter off the Redbull Romaniacs.

The tour guides of Enduro Riding Sibiu will take you on long and nice single trails that will lead you over high mountains, through deep and green forests and into nice rivers and streams.
Enduro Riding Sibiu is the only one that can offer you a beautiful challenge tour for all levels off riders. From beginners till pro riders.

We will give you the best enduro tour you have ever made, in the menu Tours you will find the most common used tours, but we can also offer you a tailor made tour for you and your friends.
We are looking forward to show you the beautiful carpatain mountains, the hospitality off the Romanian people and the beautiful city of Sibiu.